Better Than The First

by Tyrael

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So do i touch the sky, or dare i aim higher than that, yo i reach for the stars, yer im flying in fact, yer i pick up, like im high in the back, yer im high in the back, if you with me do i touch the sky, or aim higher then that, yer i reach for the stars nah im flying in fact, do i touch the sky, or higher than that, do i touch the sky, or shall i turn back to the life i lead, back then when i wasn't involved in this game as fully, as i could’ve been, now im rolling with the girls that are full of sin, and them super model girls that are super thin, now im staring at my headphones, dangle from my neckbone, and thinking about the artist I could’ve been, and all the passed mixtapes saying bring us in, traded in all my supporters for silly things, now they don’t care for me one bit, but I don’t trip, because the money and the power is something, broke up with the wife, now I only mess with dumb chicks, aint got many friends in fact none, sh*t, am I looking to the future should I warn myself? But its looking pretty good like a horny MIFL, I could simply put my old soul up on the shelf, But I don’t wanna be a shell of my former self, So dare I aim higher than that, yer I reach for the stars, Yer im flying in fact, yer I pick up, like im high in the back, yer im high in the back, if you with me do I touch the sky, Or aim higher than that, yer I reach for the stars yer im flying in fact, Do I touch the sky, or higher than that, do I touch the sky, Or shall I turn back to the place, in which I went to when I was a kid, Noticeably I was different to other kids, Always spoke my mind faster than others did, A ticking time bomb blast to some other ish, I had to grow up real fast, in the middle of the past, Never sitting on the grass with the other kids, I heard hip-hop when it was still hot, I bought a few albums and, fell in love with it, But will I touch the sky? Well ill push my way through until im next in line, As far as mixtapes go, this my second time, And ill rinse the world, until im left to dry, Im a post-grad now, I rest my mind, I know somewhere a treasure chest to find, Show no fear, protect whats mine, Protect whats yours, get left behind im a quick to draw, Quick to learn from all the dumb mistakes in which I did before, Got the whole room watching me, as if I was dumb enough To volunteer myself to take the floor, So I take the floor, give me a second to breathe, Like revolving doors, its like a circle to me, If you wanting more, you better believe, I got my foot in the door and I aint ever gonna leave, So do I touch the sky, or higher than that, yer I reach for the stars, Yer im flying in fact, yer I pick up, like im high in the back, yer im high in the back, if you with me do I touch the sky, Or higher than that, yer I reach for the stars yer im flying in fact, Do I touch the sky, or higher than that, do I touch the sky, Or higher than that like….
Chorus: Im leaving, on the next plane, I don't know when ill be back again, Kiss me and smile for me, Tell me that you'll wait for me, Hold me, Like you know ill never go, Even though you know i will, im a travelling man, moving through places, Space and time, got a lot of things i got to do, But God willing im coming back to you, My Baby Boo, Im a travelling man, moving through places, Space and time, got a lot of things i got to do, But God willin im coming back to you, My Baby boo, im Leaving Verse 1: Well go ahead and leave then, I told her that ill call her every single weekend, And I dont really wanna wake her while she sleeping, so ima leave a note kiss you on the cheek then, Im leaving through the front door your watching me, while your thinking of 100 ways of stopping me, but theres a couple things I really wanna let ya know, Switch positions, and I would never let you go, but this is my life and livings all i really know, we need some time apart and hopefully some time to grow, want you to have the greatest life that a girl could live, but my word and my heard is all I have to give, So i gotta leave, I hope you understand, and when I come back I plan to be a stronger man, I wanna put the biggest ring on your pretty hand, I want the biggest ring to sparkle across the land, I want your face to light up when you think of me, Want you to smile for everybody else to see, Want you to come with me, but you mustn't follow, Ill be on a Jetplane by this time tomorrow Chorus: Im leaving, on the next plane, I don't know when ill be back again, Kiss me and smile for me, Tell me that you'll wait for me, Hold me, Like you know ill never go, Even though you know i will, im a travelling man, moving through places, Space and time, got a lot of things i got to do, But God willing im coming back to you, My Baby Boo, Im a travelling man, moving through places, Space and time, got a lot of things i got to do, But God willin im coming back to you, My Baby boo, im Leaving
Find My Way 03:09
VERSE 1 Let a brother know, do you want my heart do you think that this a joke, warming up to you but you need to be involved, more than a high school crush, from back when we were in school, girl, I hear what your saying, but I aint come around again unless your staying, and I don’t really like the head games that your playing, ill make your family name just another maiden, your daddy won’t like that, I wanna take you out to dinner girl despite that, And if I messaged you I miss you the same night at, Around 3am and woke you would you write back? Honest, ill write you everyday girl, Just to ask “Baby how your day go?” Paint me a picture of exactly how your dreams go, You make me think of every colour of the rainbow, Like the moonlight after dark, And every summer buying ice creams in the park, Giving you sexy names and wait for your remarks, Oh your cold? Let me hold you in my arms, Chorus x2: Now you took my heart for the evening, Kiss my cheek moved in you confused things, Should I just sit out or come harder, And help me find my way, Your like a flower in June, I could sit here everyday and watch you bloom, When the birds sing they only sing for you, Only the sweetest notes composed to make your tune, And the way the story goes, I can be here through the high points and the lows, Soft summer air and the sound of water flows, Stroke your pretty skin softer then a rose, Rosemary, a homegrown berry, The longer it takes, the sweeter the jelly, I don’t wanna wait, your sweet to the belly, I know it feels great but lets wait until your ready, But I aint tryna rush things, And you can feel free to put your trust in, Im only out here saying what you must think, No bluff, aint a sucker for love thing Chorus x4
VERSE 1 Like a diamond in the dirt, You come up through the city then you gotta stay alert, All up in the studio please do not disturb, Try and get my point across through every single word, Its kinda difficult when you’re a dumb brat and loud, But on the other hand we got the young, black and proud, But pride is a fickle thing, We gotta learn that, we aint gonna always win, All of my brothers and my sisters that I represent, Whether your black or white there aint no colour in the ends, Im here to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing else, We fit descriptions but why is there no one else, Committing homicides, I find that hard to believe, We 10% not even half of them look like me, Lets keep it positive, young brothers coming up, Ill step aside and ill wish you all the best of luck, Im out here tryna live the dream but my dream gets stuck, In the grime and the bitterness and lack of love, I lost my cousin and some friends yer I miss ya cuz, Hey im a rapper now im tryna make a difference cuz, Fans message me like Ty, how come you aint signed? I don’t know fam, I aint really hard to find, All my young kings work hard stay on your hustle, And all my young queens, beautiful stay out of trouble, Let no one sway you from your dreams, coz they’re getting closer, You got the weight of the world resting on your shoulder, You feel the hate, of all of your enemies, But when you stare into their eyes-only look for peace, Closer to my dreams, closer to my dreams VERSE 2 I keep my head high most days most nights, I got a lot of friends most just aint the close type, Ill bring a little pop just to try and gain some leverage, But they don’t care if im out here tryna send a message, But nuff love to ya, tryna make the moula, I write my thoughts down, Amen, Halleluiah, My thought patterns different measuring it with a ruler, Oh you’re a teacher, pleasure that I ever knew ya, We need more doctors, teachers, and nurses, We stuck with rappers & MC’s and verses, I mean its entertaining but it aint gon’ change the world, But your more likely a bigger house and plenty girls, See how materialistic is all up on our brain, For the money we could pour our soul right down the drain, I aint no better but at least to me its clear as day, And with this knowledge, I can start to pave the way, Closer to my dreams, each and everyday, If their black and white, then look for grey, We aint the predators, but we aint the prey, Listen to your heart, not what people say, Closer to my dreams, closer to my dreams
Hob Goblin 03:10
Verse 1 Under a bridge i be scheming and plotting, hunchback of Notre Dame reading and watching, holding my breath turning greener then goblins, eyes poppin out my skull please sir im hungry, And i gobble up a remix, anyone that disagrees Ill grab you and unleash it from how do you do, to Cousin whats poppin, 2nd generation hob goblin, but this generations rude ima beat some sense into it calling me a regular dude little buddy are u stupid, im a rapper yer its true, im a stacker in a suit, i be blacker then the blues, im a rapper de ja vu, where am I goin with this, oh yer i call my witness, and when the witness comes, act like i never did this, line up and buy your tickets, because i flow the quickest, sickest, illest, when i visit privilaged underprivelaged niccas Chorus: I got money, money my problem, love doing maths, so money im solving, never ever stopping, but these people steady coppin, so im ugly wid my money, ugly, ugly, "Hob Goblin" Verse 2: I grew up in s world, with lots of angry brothers, there was a few that chilled, well only bout a dozen, who wanna make a mil, but i aint really fussin, coz ima take this world, with all my Trini Cousins, we got a few in place, you might know 2 of them, whipe that smile off your face, I be the newest friend, can add me to your list, grasshopper tutoring, I bring the latest moves, i be manoeuvring Green Goblin, nah that was back then, Ima grow even more then the banks spend, tell your girls, tell your sister and your fat friend, coz 10 years from now ill be the past tense, We just like 2 peas in a pod, and yer i know im british and the Teas in the pot, "Help yourself old bean", eagerly stop coz im gonna go in hard like an ASBO, Cash Go, Blah Chorus:
Card Game 03:43
*Talking* Better than the first, its better then the first man, hol tite, everyone, Birmingham, all my goons in London, London straight, Across to the midlands, up north, everyday, so much so often its so mad, we do this man, yeah yeah, yeah yeah VERSE 1 I want the cheese, roling up my sleeves, Ill work in Mc D's,tryna earn an honest living, but the living that we livings little different to my dreams, Im down for anything tryna cater to me needs, the Hennessy, be running through my big vain, intoxicated when i move on girls and spit game, i got her hanging from my neck no need for big chains, im from the humble beginnings i know this sick game, like the back of my hand, Ill make a stack and ill stand call me blackjack rubber band, I got this game in the bag, dueces, show me whats hot, because my left hands hotter then anything that you got, im flavourmatic, i flip a card over like acrobatic, I leave you gasping for air call me the asthmatic *Talking* See we does it man, its just the way we do things, its a bit different, from region to region it like, it differs, we take that E&J, poor out into shot glasses and just, get a little high and, do this ting boy VERSE 2 Call it a chain reaction, coz when im winning then im winning and there aint no tax son, all of a sudden all these random women love my accent, how i go from never talk to me to total access, oi these goldigger chicks sure know how to act son, we could take this show up on the road, latest fashion, & i know these ladies love their job, with a passion, and they acting like they into me i know they gassin, and so i hit em with the plow, full house, how you like me now, im double-zin my moneys like a royal cash cow, plow, full house, how you like me now, its over, royal flush, Meth make em drown cuz *talking* If you recall, like, my last mixtape, it was titled the "Best Mixtape Ever", so "Better Than The First", is just showing like, theres a level beyond that, like theres levels beyond, that our minds cant even contemplate right now, but im trying my best to like get to you VERSE 3 Success be the best revenge, im stressing when the texts are coming from my Bestest friend, Im lonely when lady luck, is spending time with only him, its hard as hell, when 3 of clubs is your only friend (only friend) I slam the table, im playing Russian Roulette with a bunch of guys, money wise every one of them is stable, I like to play my hand a little longer if im able, They call my bluff faster then a rapper starts a label, start a label, i dont even pay for cable, i see the price up in the last appraisal (Disconnect) I hope you lose all you worked for no Disrespect, im just a hater go cash your Cheque (Cash your Cheque) And show your hand, your dealing with the man i tricked ya once i tricked ya twice im screaming with my fans GO *Talking* If you dont know, im rolling with a bunch of gamblers, I roll, like, roulette man, blackjack, poker, you name it man, and thats why, we does it boy, but ya know we never alone, im always rolling hard with my boys, Jack Daniels, E&J, Bacardi, Smirnoff, dun know, oi im done im fading out boy im fading out, Better Than The First, and ill let meth Take it home
tss, and this is what you want, every hater every lover that be at the start, on my level when i pedal through the wicked hearts, i sit em down and run em through it like connect the dots, The flow plus the looks, ahh man im charismatic, I just make no noise disturb the peace and cause a racket got a few girls that want me nah dey want to tap it i cruise by your yard and give you back your sisters jacket, Talk about the hood, i aint even from your planet I be like the evil sorcerer without the magic, coz i can make a weak beat sound like Lenny Kravitz, I like my paper packed and printed, wrapped in paper packets A bit of dough but i aint never turn down free bread, a student loan so im stacking up the queens head, be on the dull but i aint revealing secrets, i make some dough and i hide it in my queen bed, but i aint never seen nobody do it better then the president and that be me i hit em with the venom and i turn into a beast *arr arr* inject em with the medicine the only side effect is that im mixing up my synonyms im monsterous, collosusus im too large for the living room, wooly mammoth with the powers of a giant badaboom, the memorable the unforgettable your mothers maiden name lemme pick up where i left off, i made a name that left me with a rap career thats spiralling down the drain nah i play, im getting stronger each and everday to the point that its inevitable im bound to sign with Jay, ill throw up little pyramids and half the world complain, now ima break this down once, coz you be slacking, i was born in 88, year of the dragon, im gonna take over this world, and i aint slacking, coz guess what 2012, year of the dragon Ya know what, haagen dazs, i can keep it going still, haagen dazs, but long ting lemme drop it in you love the flow, my dragon breaths leaking lava all up on the floor, and if you didnt quite catch that, that means its hot, i like to put on silly accents quite a lot, i know thats fuel for the hatemail so bring it on, i read all my comments ill just snake you in a song, real talks yer the plan was do a full song, but 2 2's now its 1am and this is long, i gotta wakup at like 9am im going strong, and although this track aint finished... blood im gone!
I just grew so fast in this game they don't even know my name, just a blur in their memories, remember me, crash land in your dreams complicated to extreme, silly bean, im the mother of machines with a high-tech plasma ray gun, sugar rays son patience, patience, i won't stay long got a call from the whitehouse, Ronald Reagan said they need a black president Baracks away son *Chorus* Catch me on the remix, 6 foot 7 foot with the other rejects, left hook never shook of blowin up your speakers, mainstream can blow the undergrounds huge like a renovation quote, your barely getting views like the museum of stone, im getting youtube views like i was featured on the home, please dont think im rude but im attacking like the drones, take me to your leader so that this can be resolved, *chorus* And if they don't want a leader like me to run the land then ill blow up everybody from the UK to Japan, im a dictator, a word breaker, ill rip you from your home faster then hurricane, sur my pager, beep, beep, danger "Ya say sumfing boy" redneck tamer hunt ya down with a police batton and a tazer yer i know my jokes are getting old... Dr. Frazier *Chorus* Lemme speed up, spill it like tea cup, didnt know i dun dis, my name on a t shirt, track sounds hard cant mess with the reverb deserve, everything ya get like desert, haa so long see ya, colon pizza (Watch my VLOGS), Cartell crease up, im just lean on a beat like pisa this just in, Justin Bieber (Again quotin my VLOGS loll) Ya dun know the private jokes, dun know im flying with quotes, im sitting there waiting, watching eyeing the coats, im rocking all over the boat, nah i aint gassed got a mouth full of jokes, no mirrors and smoke, hold it up close, im poaching and approaching this coast, im burning a track like tofu, im always adjustin my vocals hop in the backseat we'll go global, more epic then anything local... This is Frieza and Goku
Distance 01:42
& it always starts, with a question, who you really are, the lessons, learned right from the start, i was on cloud 9 and she was too, but i didnt have the heart, to tell her the truth, the facts and the figures, the heart shaped stickers, from the past, riding on horse shaped sticks in the park, those memories were short lived huh, grabbing on my arm, tears down her face, tell me where we are, and what is this place, I said we're in a place where you go when you've led a good life, so distance yourself from the past, she cried, and dropped to her knees, "I wanna go home" but no one heard her plead, you'll never be alone, Im here, and Ill never be far, so distance yourself from the past, its hard but try, and I don't know why, Im holding my tears back inside, so pass me the bread, and pass me the wine, we got company for the first time, im sorry for your loss, but its still nice, anything you want, its yours its fine, Guardian angel guard her with your life, is that a smile that I see coming? surprise, I could tell that her smile was fake, and she whispered to me that she'll do what it takes, she'll stay strong, too little too late, I gave her a hug, i feel all your pain, I know that you wanna see your family again, its hard to see the sunshine through the rain, but truss, you'll be reunited again, and believe me, im excited the same, As for my parents I died at birth, And they were traumatized coz i was their first, then they had you, its hard to explain, I guess that means, we share a last name baby sis, its wonderful to meet you, now you'll always have somebody to speak to, I wish I could'v been the brother that i planned to be, now come, lets go wait for our family
VERSE 1: A little soul is what we need, and then a bit more, I kick my feet up in the seat, its time to explore, If you come here for the beef, then beef out the door, If your only for the cheese, then head to the store, I keep it baggy from my tees, straight down to the floor, Trousers hanging off my knees, nah that’s a bit raw, Im out here chilling with the queen, so knight me a lord, Imagination is the key, don’t take me for sure, Im a peasant that’s irrelevant, stamp around the city call me elephant, Ele-what nah, de-feathering a pelican, I start to picture things that don’t make sense, My souls bored like a lonely kid So, gimme some toys, to play with, A beat machine and a microphone locked up in the basement, I write so many bars I grow slightly impatient, At east a little soul will get me through my day shift CHORUS: (Jasmine Knight) Freedom to fly, through the sky, Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Feat of the known, fear of the unknown But it’s all a stepping-stone VERSE 2: A dollar and a dream, aint enough for me, to part ways with my soul, But show me a little sterling and ill probably hit the road, So kiss me on the cheek goodbye, I see the fans of the hip-hop scene start to cry, Nah ill never leave, My soul stays put no moneys ever changing me, Maybe a hook but that’s the most they’ll ever get from me, A good look when they’re putting up like 20g, The end result, deposit on a property, That’s the plan, I know its just a pipe dream, But ima make it happen whether or not you like me, My souls stuck and my life is getting pricey, Want me to sign to you, you better ask me nicely, Im banging beats for a living yer im living it, Im giving it up? Nah, mistake me for a silly kid, Im killing it cuz, and they all want a cut, A little soul is all I need so im living it up, im living it up, CHORUS: (Jasmine Knight) Freedom to fly, through the sky, Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Feat of the known, fear of the unknown But it’s all a stepping-stone
She don't know my name, She don't know my name she treat me like another character up in a game, she look at me but when i look back she looks away, i catch her on the 29 bus like everyday, she always lets her hair down on a summers day, i got so many words up on my mind i wanna say, but when i see her by myself i feel a mile away, ya know what i think today just might be the day, I'ma sit where she usually sits, then ill wait, and when she gets on at her stop everything's in place, and then I drop I see you quite a lot, whats your name, then i guess she'll say Jennifer, maybe Allaine, But she don't know my name, she don't know my name, she treat me like another character up in a game, then im tryna think of all the words that i can say, but there just isn't enough blood up in my brain, Nah she seems like a sweet girl and truss its rare, type of girl that when you meet her you know for years, tryna think of ways to greet her and not seem weird, coz i don't want my words to go out the other ear, I wanna be remembered not just as the other dude, i wanna whisper in her ear until she love the mood, i wanna hear her last relationships fell apart, so i can swoop down and be there just to save her heart, now this 2 minute journeys seeming kinda long, now the bus pulls up and pretty lady is getting on, i wanna walk away but im feeling kinda stuck aight Tyrael, thec ount of 3 your getting up but here she come, she walking over looking at me, and i didnt charge my Ipod, its out of battery, If you don't talk thats a nail in your coffin, So i turn and say, "Hey girl you come here often" But she don't know my name, She don't know my name she treat me like another character up in a game, she look at me but when i look back she looks away, i catch her on the 29 bus like everyday, "Ya come here often?" ahh what a thing to say, and now she staring at me with a stony gaze, This is awkward but i got her exactly where i want her, she just seemed kinda flattered that id even bother, so where we are and this your chance, don't blow it kid, I really messed up back then, i know i did, But second chances, have always been my favourite gift, Ill just tell her couple jokes like she my baby sis, and now she giggling and she all like "You so silly" We deep in convo from Wood Green to Picadilly, I could see her as my wife with a couple kids, Im asking what she wants from life and what she did, Ahh your still at university, thats a lot, We should hit one of them uni raves, i hear they're hot Lemme take your number, Ill phone you when i can, Oh, Really, You mean you got a man? Interlude: Yer hello, Yer whose this, oh rahh how you been man? Hows you and your man? Ahh not so good? What am i doing? Im just chilling here man, what about you? Oh you wanna link up? Yer come, i don't mind man, is this your number? Aight man ill call you in a bit, I just gotta do something real quick aight? Aight take care, buh-bye.
*Chorus* Living on my hopes and my dreams, hoping to see you boasting to me, Living in a daydream asylum, daydream asylum, daydream asylum *Verse* From the second that you think you lost, there it goes, Gold mine 19th century canary coal, Im in the business of the get it done by any means, I walk a crooked path, hand full of jelly beans, And I drop a few behind, snap back reality, Im in a classroom teacher getting mad at me, Tryna separate my dream from actuality, I think im ranging somewhere borderline insanity, So ima take a breath, take my meds and take my crown, You ever hear of Gotham, call me the crazy clown, With a smiley face running through a lonely home, This asylum belongs to me, but hold the phone, Am I that transparent, that you can see my thoughts, Its like your in a dark room holding just a torch, I know it seems like such a mess and now your in the mixture, See how I only use my words to paint a vivid picture, With a stroke here with a stroke there, Ill beat up any beat even with a broke snare, Im dustin off the mirror my reflections so clear, But that person isn’t me yo im standing over here, So open up your brainwaves and let me transmit my, Thoughts to your corpse, we all just tryna get by, Oops and of course, you think im just a next guy, Heres what I was taught, don’t just live and let die, *Chorus*
See i got a lot of haters and a lot of foes, people try say i aint from the ends coz i got jokes, but when i make it to the top then ima let you know, exactly how it feels to be the greatest in the world, they want my album so they looking for release dates, but i dont make no money tryna shot to cheapskates, im not the only one thats putting out some mixtapes, but im the only one that bangs it out in 3 days, you dont believe me then you dont believe me lifes a pidgeon, ill take your bread, and your water straight from out your kitchen, you want commercial beats that'll make you bop your head, then go download, my first mixtape instead, i get a little fidgety when im unemployed, like a 9 year old kid with a brand new toy, so i like to kill some time, start to learn it proper, tryna learn Japanese for when i go Osaka, "Watashi Wa Ty Desu" Im British born, but they be calling me the silence before the storm, If you message me in private ill message back, if you try bringing the violence im bound to Snap, people cry say the world ends in 2012, ill probably die from pollution from TFL, but that aint it man, cuz i see it well, ill probably get shanked tryna back a silly girl, Im on the right path but im laying bread crums, and i can see the future, Im still at step 1, i drop a mixtape then i drop a next one, we make this look easy, but blud your dead wrong, Everyday i write a page past the margin, and every month i waste a tree beg ya pardon, I know it seems my minds all untidy, but thats the reason why you either hate of like me, But i can tell a few things that no-one finds nice, like when you tap your oyster card and it beeps twice, but your a bad man ya might as well scream and shout, but 2'2's rudeboi nahh your duckin out, Now i dont wanna be voted best UK, i wanna fight the best worldwide everyday, see i grew up in a yard, nah not a crib, to those who thought i cant go hard, i just did
Ya dunn know my flow go mad, ima big boy make a sick noise and bang cah, man resides in a small, little town named London, raise up my white red flag, its a grimey place but ill kindly rate any mans dem, any gal dem that, come thru these grimey gates, lemme switch things up for the haters, Ring ring, when the bell go dingo, pokeball go and ill catch a Missingo hah, Tyrael is my Alias, kill any beat in a 10 mile radius, old school like im rolling with skeletons, "King Rooster", original regulars, Tweet me, i need some more followers, Quite dodgey like American Senators, They mad coz they fighting instead of us, Came far from buying and selling us, oh whoops, it got a bit political, ima turn into mr Invisible, Presto, Abra Kadabra im over here, i can brainwash you gimme couple years, im a member of parliment, how you feel? yer we playing sherades isit hard to tell. Im a fat boy, tryna make P on a beat, greed on a beat, truss man will eat up a beat, leave women on the balls of their feet cah, cah, its me that they seek now, And ya know that i pieced it, and i wont dun a girls dance cuz ill beast it, choose falco, gamecube, c-stick, 1 more time, "Fly by G6" I shatter most dreams to pieces, single handedly dead any remix, hook up a few African Visa's, roll up to cinemas just for the teasers, Dont care bout what none of your friends say, truss me the more "Orange" the "Wednesday", the more gallys that come out to play, the more back off ya see in a day. Back to the basics ah lets do this, holding your breath like restless students, 1 middle finger? ahh thats rude, but raise up the index and thats Dueces, Dueces, put that upon your to-do list, the humble type coz that types the coolest, we've all heard the beat, but then your like whose this? well... im the one to beat a track ruthless, Ruthless, no regards for the ends ill prove this ima be a star no pretend, no wa gwan bredrin, brudda man, sho sho, draw for the ting then run from the popo, ima put this whole game in a chokehold, tell a man "Dun know" until he really dont know, till im coughing up blood and my throat go bye bye, Ima keep my flow going loco, Pendejo Lets take it back to the teen years, Ravin Ravin truss me i been there, radio sets were the hype back then, Bar after Bar, and the hype extends, no haagen dazs, no hooks no chorus, filling up books with my rhymes (Flawless) Filling up most of my mind, (Storage), taking up most of my time (honest), And i swear D, D, Down, you can never try take man for a clown, and i swear D, D, Down, you can never try take, you can never try take, De De, De De, man for a clown 2008, Dropping bars from 2008, Ty & Crow used to roll everyday, West Thames college, ahh cuz im late, And im late wen im ere, Dun kno ya hear the glass break wen im ere, Yer man i raise up the stakes wen im ere, Take your big sis on a date wen im ere, Wen im ere Wen im ere, too late wen im ere, Roll over beats like skates wen im ere, Always try make cake wen im ere, Paper, im a baker wen im ere
Mothership 01:49
Its to the point that I be tryna escape, I reach the mothership they dissapear while flying away, they reaching out to me focussing on paving the way, I wanna go with them but telling me im destined to stay, I got a task to follow but Apollo gives me the creeps, realizing now for over 20 years ive just been asleep, Im im the chosen one, Im wondering why they’ve chosen me, I take a shot of dissarano just to put me to sleep, I been here for 22 years and still finding my feet, I look for messages in everything when its on repeat, They tell me keep your mouth closed, don’t you dare make a peep, Address me properly stop talking out the side of your cheek, I sit here quietly, waiting till its my turn to speak, If you don’t follow me respect is something that you can keep, Way too much controversy open up the cage to the beast, Sit round the table friends for this will be our very last feast, I eat with friends until the loneliness gets stuck in my teeth, I start to realise that my closest friends aint nothing like me, But id be wrong if I ever say they don’t make me smile, And they’ll be sad when I say that ill be gone for a while, Im in a prison but no jury, no judge and no trial, Im on the mothership, handcuffed, walking the isle, I mutter words under my breath, words that are vile, Staring at the front deck in a state of denial, Im looking at a huge sphere like you seen in a game, They showing me their homeland just to spark off the flame, Telling me they more advanced but we one of the same, Spread the word in return, we’ll give you your fame, But with the fame comes the hate, well that’s what they say, And with the hate comes the love, and that’s all it takes, So lord listen if I die, before I wake, Im heading to the next world, and ill meet you there, Take me out of this cell, break out of the cage, Coz I gotta spread the word, its hard to explain, But im telling the truth, its hard to believe, Im on the mothership and I don’t wanna leave, I don’t wanna leave
Sexy Can I 01:48
Sexy can I, meet you up for lunch, Write a day in my planner, Maybe more then once, Im a Leo you’re a Cancer We both desire fun, The only thing that I don’t want, regrets when this is done, Sexy can I, call you by your name, The one that your mama gave you not for silly games, She just out to protect you and I wanna do the same, So when your feeling down yo lets divide up all the pain, Sexy can I, visit you at work, I aint got a lot of doh, we’ll chill up at the park, And as for the big shots that keep on driving passed, Until I make it big ill ride you on my handlebars, Sexy can I, sweetest ever known, Ill kiss you, real soft, on your collar bone And play some Lauryn Hill directly off my phone, every 3 minutes and 30 seconds that we’re alone, Sexy can I, put a pretty ring, On your pretty little hand I, make a princess grin, Like we caught up in some banter, always let ya win, Just so I can hear you giggle while I push you on the swing, Sexy can I, maybe sneak a kiss, I know you feel it too got my hands up on your hips, And you don’t have to ask me once pretty be my guest, And every time you’re close my heart beat faster in my chest, Sexy can I, tell you what I learned, I told this girl I loved her but she’d rather see me burn, Ignoring all my calls like she just wasn’t concerned, And other people saying don’t just wait for her return, Sexy can I, have my heard back, she just start laughing like how you like that, She took true love, and covered it in crap, So you gotta be careful, because this world is full of skanks
VERSE 1: Need a superhero, come and rescue me, Steal my heart much faster, than the eye can see, Use your powers on me, when we all alone, Like the speed of lightning, I know that you’ll be gone, Need a superhero, don’t forget my name, Be my superman and, ill be your Lois Lane, On the side of justice, helping those in need, I sit here wishing, waiting, that you’ll come home to me, BRIDGE: I need a superhero, your everything I need, I need a superhero, and not just in my dreams, Just a moment with you, if just for a day, Wrap your arms around me, and we can fly away, CHORUS: He has super speed, he fulfils my needs, He has the ability of invincibility, He has super strength, never admits defeat, And he has everything that I could ever really need, VERSE 2: Need a superhero, need you desperately, Come to me so we can, fulfil my fantasy, Hiding in the shadows, until you hear my call, Because I know you’ll be there, to catch me if I fall, Need a superhero, hope you hear my plead, There’s a super villain, and he’s after me, Use your force field on me, im hoping that you’ll stay, And you know ill be waiting, for you to save the day, BRIDGE: I need a superhero, your everything I need, I need a superhero, and not just in my dreams, Just a moment with you, if just for a day, Wrap your arms around me, and we can fly away, CHORUS: He has super speed, he fulfils my needs, He has the ability of invincibility, He has super strength, never admits defeat, And he has everything that I could ever really need, VERSE 3: Need a superhero, with integrity, Super human strength and, special abilities, Wear a mask to hide your, real identity, And I love the way you, enjoy protecting me, Found my superhero, its like a movie scene, And your alter ego, is revealed just for me, Won’t reveal the truth coz, im sworn to secrecy, And so you will forever, remain a mystery BRIDGE: I found my superhero, he’s everything I need, I found a superhero, and not just in my dreams, Just a moment with you, if just for a day, Wrap your arms around me, and we can fly away, CHORUS: He has super speed, he fulfils my needs, He has the ability of invincibility, He has super strength, never admits defeat, And he has everything that I could ever really need,
Bring us In 02:59
Bring us in, yer ill say it again, bring us in, until raps back on track im filling in, I hold it close to my heart like "how longs it been", I aint saying its dead, but its looking grim, mainstream get the cash boy make it blow, underground hold it down you our only hope, so many obstacles up in the game to break your thoughts, keep going hard nah, let nature take its course, Im just a small fish coming out a bigger town, 5 words, what goes around comes around, and i aint getting involved unless your really down, colour aint much, and I don't care if your black or brown, I see the future, yer I said it once before, I pioneer, now follow through the open door, I don't show love or hate, I only show respect, we from the same generation what do you expect? Yo, what do you expect, I hit the ground running, you taking baby steps, I take a piece of the pie, there any gravy left? you want a chance then cuz, you better break your neck, Im in a classroom alone, nah let me start again, Im in a class of my own now someone bring us in, Im tired of getting slept on and yo the time is now, if its money you worried about Ill hold it down, Im the artist so lemme do what I does, Ill get a million views just to prove something cuz, I aint signed, I don't even know whats the fuss, i know some rappers thats signed that still ride the bus, "But what am I doing with my life" do you need to ask, Im for the people Im changing it from I to us, power in numbers, so finally when I bite the dust, you can turn around and say that you turned hate to love, Yo, turning hate to love, I been destined to blow since I was 8 years up, open your eyes, Im here to wake you up, I bet my life you gon' change, thats a gamblers luck, either Im changing the world, or ima change myself, power of the mind, thats my truest wealth, I wanna show you inside but only time will tell, If im one of a kind, i guess your one as well, Tss, But we only men, I had some friends turn to foes then to friends again, I call them associates because the friendships slim, You still can't see the truth, then put your lenses in, Im 2 chapters ahead, left you remembering, I got the coldest flow ever call it December man, Ill make it using my mind no need for Symbol-ling, So Ill say this one last time, Bring us in
VERSE 1 Its like my student loan won’t pay back itself, So hit the real world, Now im heading to work, but I don’t feel well, The first day jitters is like a mission im impressed, No joggers no trainers yer im formally dressed, Important to me, man I picture back then, Sitting next to a chick, yo can I borrow a pen? Whats your name? whats you study? Are you in my next class? The first lines you drop if you wanna tap ass, Im just breezing through the semester high fees And the reading list is extensive, im meeting a guest With dreams in her head, tight jeans and some breast, Im eager to step, with little miss wow, Go back to her dorm, and zip her jeans down, Then back to the bar, and order few rounds, Go our separate ways, im glad that I met ya, Lets meet again soon, but damn im late for lecture, VERSE 2 Take over the backseats, of the classroom theatre, Staring at my watch till the end gets nearer, Hey girl you wanna go study just us? We chill up in the library from dawn till dusk, From dusk till dawn, yer we head back to her room, Hook up the ps3, and play till morning, Every man with a bottle of Henny, like we ballin, Student loan funding out nights and early morning Banter, with the rest of the mandem, Thank her, for her hospitality, back to reality, I got an exam, in the afternoon, Which I haven’t studied for, so give me some room, To think, for a second, I cram it in quick, Im in the exam room and im taking my seat, Man this ish is too easy but no disrespect, And when the grades come back, every answer correct, This amateur stuff


The second mix-CD of Tyrael, bringing together 19 tracks of Hip Hop, RNB, soul and poetry with the UK vibe.


released September 1, 2011




Tyrael London, UK

British born rapper/Producer from London, England. Bringing you the soulful vibe mixed with funky up-beat tempos to nod your head to.

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