Crazy She Calls Me (Billie Holiday)

from Sterling City by Tyrael

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I really wanted a Billie Holiday song on my Album, I sent my producer Denny's a sample of her voice, and asked him if he could possibly create me something hot. THE SAME DAY, this dude sends me the beat.... Denny's is incredible.


(Billie Holiday Sings)

I Flip a coin when I can’t decide, heh, as if i make decisions,
I aim my thoughts at reality with such precision,
Im engineering every moment of my life,
Ever second, every minute, every hour that I write, Im precise,
Down to a T, you like to call me crazy then crazy what I be,
I write this one for Billie, miss Holiday my queen,
Crazy she calls me then 180 degrees, nah she never turn her back,
Lady Sing the Blues, but then Tyrael play the Keys,
She dressing up in black, She drop you to your knees yo you dealing with a fact,
Im running it like marathon you just counting the lap,
Im blowing up like Taliban, you sit waiting like traps,
Im singing La Di Da Di fam, irrelevant but back to the point,
Yo I latch onto noise and, make it sound Phat like Billie,
Crazy she calls me, crazy she calls me, Crazy,

(Crazy he) She calls me crazy, x4

And Crazy she call me I know, So am I crazy I don’t know,
And every set you’d steal the show, and sing the Blues through rain through snow,
Billie, Billie, Billie, Cant you see, Somehow your words just hypnotize me,
I got your tracks on Mp3, So Billie won’t you sing for me,
I just flow, and hopefully I get a little feature,
Create a work of art, Da vinchi Mona Lisa,
Please, Maybe if I had a little money, I could act a fool like April,
Call me Easter Bunny and its Funny,
She call me crazy, but she aint seen it yet,
Say I aint the illest, Well, Where the illest at?
Old school Olive Oyl, yo where the Spinach at,
Old school Olive Oyl, yo where the Spinach at,
(Olive Oyl was from Popeye the Sailor Man ;-))


from Sterling City, released January 24, 2013
Produced by Dennys




Tyrael London, UK

British born rapper/Producer from London, England. Bringing you the soulful vibe mixed with funky up-beat tempos to nod your head to.

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