Horror Film Blues

from Sterling City by Tyrael

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I told you this Album gets more crazy, but you didnt wanna listen to me. This is a true story... me and my ex girlfriend! I play, but, this has definitely happened, im sure some mentally ill escapee has attempted this entire story. And if not, once they hear this they probably will.


And this one goes out to the lady that i used to date,
Unfortunately, I was young and made a few mistakes,
She yelling at me down the phone, Ty just stay away,
Im warning you, Ill call the cops, you think this a game?
Im standing on her porch, I don’t really know what to say,
I ring the doorbell and she screams “Please just go away”,
I’m lost for words, as i Turn around and walk away,
A little voice tells me, Maybe that I Ought to stay,
She all alone, so i wanna go and be with her,
But if she calls the cops, I’ll end up in a concrete Cellar,
And that aint what I want, Im gonna have to break and enter,
And suprise her, Maybe I could cook her dinner,
She would like that, Im sure of it, so thats the plan,
I’ll sneak up when she in the shower and I’ll take her hand,
Tell her I love you I can see her happy face already,
So I busted through her door, I hope your ready babes, Here I am,

And then from that point, it was just like, sort of like a one way thing,
Obviously the girl liked me and all, it was just making her realise that,
Now shes threatening to call the police, and im just like come now, its nothing,
Its just 2 friends having a good time together, Ya know what, let me just finish the story
Then you can give me your thoughts,

And now she lost for words, and she can hardly speak,
She running around the house, like we playing hide and seek,
Im right behind ya baby maybe we could take a seat,
Or maybe we could cut the maybe’s turn the other cheek,
I know your frightened girl so let me just take off the mask,
Should I put down the Knife, All you gotta do is ask,
And I can win your heart maybe with a little luck,
And we can play some love games i could tie you up,
I know you like it kinda kinky and you love it rough,
Your Facebook status said relationship, was that a bluff?
What am i saying, of course it is coz here we are,
Plus i got your name tattooed all up on my arm,
And I could do you too, now hold still honey,
Coz I don’t really wanna mess up with this drill honey,
The pain is temporary be a big girl honey,
Its proof we love eachother, Love you for real honey, Love you forever!

So ya know I told her I loved her, and she didn’t say it back,
Its a harsh reality that we live it ya know,
Anyways i just finished tattooing doing her arm,
And I dunno when she had an opportunity to call the police, but Im hearing sirens,
So i just stepped out, calmly, just to see what all of the fuss was about.
“You’ll Never Take me Alive” (Gunshots)
And then this girl had the audacity to press charges, c’mon man,
Its true what they say, if loving you is wrong, I don’t wanna be right baby,
Anyway, this has been horror film blues, I hope you enjoyed it, coming from the mind of a lunatic,
Stay safe, coz you never know when you might be the victim of Horror film blues,
Anyway, Safe


from Sterling City, released January 24, 2013
Produced by Dennys




Tyrael London, UK

British born rapper/Producer from London, England. Bringing you the soulful vibe mixed with funky up-beat tempos to nod your head to.

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