Mind over Matter (Dr Seuss)

from Sterling City by Tyrael

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This track was me venting my craziness.... Sometimes i have to speak crazy, but the funny thing is, this is probably one of the deepest songs on the album if you understand each metaphor. I would explain them all, but I find it more enjoyable hearing how my fans interpret it.


Those who Mind don’t Matter, and those who Matter don’t Mind,
Im Dr Seuss, The cat in the hat and i’m falling behind this sanity level a trillion times,
Blow up balloons and float to the sky, Wrestling Thor,
Over the rope and fall off the side, one hand on the hammer and swing till I glide,

Some things don’t Matter, Don’t if you Mind,
Sore like an eagle landing inside, no way to leave, no way to enter,
I’ll never lie, just a pretender, open the box,
Seal off the exits, Smoke on the job, Highly effective,
Crafting the sword, Developing tactics,
Room full of gas, Lighting a matchstick,

Mind over Matter, Matters don’t mind,
Swing batter batter, Physics defied,
Defying all physics, yet physically fine,
Im visually happy, yet miserably blind,
Electrical wire add shock to my lines,
Respectable liars, I’m next in the line,
Your lines are dead, corpse full of flies,
Pumped full of lead, then walk through the light,

Those who don’t Matter, Don’t really Mind,
Climbing the ladder, Vertical climb,
Sleep on the Sabbath, and sip on the wine,
You slippery snake me slip on the slime,
I’m simply sustained by simplistic signs,
and over the heads of Simplistic minds,
Weaving the threads of physics and time,
Leaving with less, while giving them mine,

Yours doesn’t Matter, Matter does Mine,
Screaming out Shabba, Smoking a pipe,
But I don’t smoke so here’s some of mine,
Life is a joke, but jokes are just fine,
I start to revoke, Go back to my prime,
I’m up in the clouds like 7 and 9,
Standing there proud ahead of my time,
Reppin my flag, Blue, Red and White,
Mind over Matter till Matter declines,
So many rappers and rappers unite,
Snakes and backstabbers don’t rest they just fight,
Taking the credit of credible rhymes,
Lighting up incense and tapping on chimes,
Testing my reflexes 3 at a time,
3 is believing in magic and signs,
3 is the 3rd, I open my eye,
Mind over Matter, Matter is Mind,
Mind over Matter, Matter is Mine, Matter is Mine


from Sterling City, released January 24, 2013
Produced by... you Guessed it... Dennys




Tyrael London, UK

British born rapper/Producer from London, England. Bringing you the soulful vibe mixed with funky up-beat tempos to nod your head to.

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