SmoothTalkers Feat. Maya Lou

from Sterling City by Tyrael

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Again I got the amazing Maya Lou on this song giving me a hot chorus. We racked our brains for ages trying to come up with some deep lyrics for the chorus... I play, we decided for this particular track, less was more. We both think it sounds pretty Gosh Darn Smooth :D


Sterling City, I think you’ve learned that by now, I’ve been saying it through the whole album,
Here we go, Lets go again

Its like i stick to the Straight paths and walk in the same shops,
Never been to big on hating and namedrops,
Im tryna make moves but I’m still in the same spot,
I keep it moving, never letting the day stop,
I’m, homegrown, Born and Bred,
I aint got a seed giving birth to thoughts instead,
Yo I got that tunnel vision, like Im hooked on Meth,
But i take a dip in your mind, no cooks and chefs,
No cops and feds, Dealing with a boss who left me Jobless and Hopeless,
Money make the world go round, but money make me sick,
Coz it brings out the worst in most, and mostly turns ugly for those who turn slick,
I turn wise, I turn heads I turn eyes, Turn legs turn thighs,
Get in your heads like Lopez Left Eye,
I crave the Credit, I spit till you get it, I’ll be Hip Hop alone until the lonely next guy and just,

*Maya Lou Sings*
She call me smooth talker boy x2
And she a smooth talker girl x2

She like the sound of my voice, so common sense is down the drain,
So if i use a couple big words and don’t explain,
She say I’m so deep, and i really touch the brain,
She hanging off my every word and everything I say,
Im a smooth talker, Im a smooth talker, Im a smooth talker,
But i gotta catch a plane, And you should come too,
In other words, High, So what you wanna do,
Hey my names Ty, and we should get a room,
Maybe for a night, or even maybe 2,
Depends on what you want girl, baby if Im Honest,
Lady you the hottest, Thing out the Southside of the UK,
She turn and tell me smooth talk thats my new name,
But I aint tryna rip nobody off like loose change,
I save that for the bankers and all of the business men,
That try to turn all of us to statistics man,
I got a new suit and a business plan,
But my life is too short, so lets hit this, Damn, and just flow

*Maya Lou Sings*
She call me smooth talker boy x2
And she a smooth talker girl x2


from Sterling City, released January 24, 2013
Produced by Dennys




Tyrael London, UK

British born rapper/Producer from London, England. Bringing you the soulful vibe mixed with funky up-beat tempos to nod your head to.

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